• 2016 Rhymes with Orange

  • Alcohol / Volume

  • Quantities

    750 ml bottle / 12 bottles per case
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    $25.90 per bottle / $312.00 per case
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Orange is the new
 white. We’ve used the ancient process
of leaving white grapes in contact with
the skins to the start of fermentation: creating something new and exciting – our authentic orange wine. The 100% organic Pinot Gris grapes give the wine an inviting deep strawberry-pink hue, a full body
and a savoury explosion of smoke, spice and tropical fruit with a hint of peatiness.

Super-flexible at the table, this wine pairs well with big flavours like Indian curries and Moroccan cuisine, and – thanks to the tannins – can be enjoyed with charcuterie and smoked meat.